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Veterinary Monitoring - PetMap+II (#7402)
PetMap+II (#7402)
Handheld BP/HR/SpO2/TEMP Veterinary Monitoring Device
◆ Proven petMAP BP technology with PPO (PetMAP Proprietary Optimizations) Species and cuff site setting
◆ O2 saturation with pleth display
◆ Temperature monitor using rectal or esophageal probe
◆ Easy to use “no menu” touch screen display
◆ Real-time display of BP oscillometric “envelope”
◆ Selectable automatic BP cycle times
◆ Tabular display of readings and NSV in Clinic Mode
◆ Graphic display of last 45 readings in OR Mode
◆ SD memory card stores trend data and screen shots
◆ NiMH batteries and wall charger
◆ Optional pole mount and cover
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