About Us
About Us

Our brand SMSC


S: Safe
M: Master
S: Speed
C: Creative

Shianglin Medical System Company conducts the most abundant integration with professional medical treatment equipments in the strongest and most professional knowledge in team to sell the company.

We are managing the realms of the preventive medicine and the agency of the medical treatment equipments. All products belong to the high-tech medical treatment merchandise, the categories include the medical equipments.

In the future, we attempt extending our antenna to niche medical territories, and enhancing competitive marketing abilities, and then establishing a professional network of the medical treatment equipment, eventually forging ahead main China and world wide.

The mission

Phase in the latest high-tech medical equipments of world wide to match the demands of people, to create a fabulous medical environment and to become to the communication bridge of life between the professional medical treatment and the daily life at home health care.

The vision
The products - to become to a leader in the categories of the preventative the medicine.
The marketing - to own the most professional marketing talented persons, and to organize the superior marketing team.
The service - to meet the biggest satisfaction of the customer with the most perfect and professional service.
The brand - to express the success reputation of the SMSC branding image.
The target - to create the market of medicine in the circle of the Chinese.
Target Management

Only a continuous management of an enterprise who pursue the continuous profit can provide everlasting chances for the employees and outstanding service to customers. We believe that [the society that take from, the society that use in], it means that a good enterprise actually gives something back to the social after it takes from. Therefore we will focus the goals of the management with [to pursue the everlasting profit], [to construct the good work environment], and [to meet the overall satisfaction in customer]. They are the base stone that we practice the initial goals of the management.